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February 25, 2012

Google Celebrates Ibn Battuta قوقل و ابن بطوطة

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قوقل غيرت صورتها اليوم لعرض عدد من الصور بمناسبة يوم ميلاد الرحالة ابن بطوطة.

Google’s Middle East home-pages are celebrating the birthday of Muslim explorer Ibn Battuta with a set of images:

February 22, 2012

What to do with Old Coffee Grounds

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Don’t mind me, I’m just testing blogsy + sharing something I hope you find useful.

21 Ways To Use Old Coffee Grounds


Finding new uses for the old is a creative and fun way to live a little greener.

Have you ever wondered what other ways coffee grounds could be used after making that much needed morning pot of coffee. For all you java junkies, here are some tips for using coffee grounds.

Used coffee grounds get rid of cellulite. Here is the recipe we found at DIY Maven. “Mix 1/4 cup warm, used coffee grounds and one tablespoon of olive oil. While standing over an old towel or newspaper, apply the mixture to your problem areas. Next, wrap the areas with shrink wrap and leave on for several minutes. Unwind the wrap, brush loose grounds off your skin and then shower with warm water. For best results, it is recommended to repeat this procedure twice a week.”

Now, on to other tips for using old coffee grounds.

1. Soften and add shine to hair. When washing your hair, rub coffee grounds through wet hair and rinse. For brown hair, coffee grounds add highlights.
2. Use coffee grounds as an exfoliant for skin. Pat on skin, massage over skin, rinse.
3. Add coffee grounds to your skin mask beauty routine.
Make homemade tattoos (temporary) with henna and coffee grounds.
Fertilize plants. Old coffee grounds are nutrient-rich for plants that thrive in an acidic soil.
Add used coffee grounds to the pots of indoor plants.
Work used coffee grounds into your garden soil before seed planting. After your plants start to emerge, work in coffee grounds near the plants. Used coffee grounds are said to repel snails and slugs as well as adding nutrients to the soil.
Increase your carrot and radish harvest by mixing seeds with dry coffee grounds before planting the seeds.
9. Use coffee grounds to repel ants.
Keep cats from using your garden as a kitty box by spreading used coffee grounds and orange peels throughout flower beds.
Deodorize a freezer. Place a bowl with used coffee grounds in the freezer to remove unwanted odors. Add a few drops of vanilla to coffee grounds.
Rub coffee grounds on hands to get rid of smells from chopping or cutting up pungent foods.
Make a used coffee grounds sachet. Fill old nylons or cheescloth with dry used coffee grounds. Hang in closets to absorb odors.
When you need an abrasive cleaner, coffee grounds can be used. Be careful of any surfaces that might stain.
Remove furniture scratches with wet coffee grounds.
Got a fireplace? Sprinkle wet coffee grounds over the ashes to keep from becoming engulfed in the plume of dust ashes create when you need to remove them.
Dye fabric, paper or Easter eggs. Simply add used coffee grounds to warm water and let sit a bit to create a dye.
. After you give your dog a bath, rub coffee grounds through the coat of your pet. Coffee grounds are said to repel fleas.
19. Keep bait worms alive by mixing coffee grounds into the soil before you add worms.
20. Grow mushrooms on old coffee grounds.


February 15, 2012

مراجعة لجهاز سامسونج جالاكسي نوت

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هذه مراجعة رائع للجهاز الكبير Samsung Galaxy Note الجديد.

مميزات الجهاز عديدة و منها:

بديل للتلفاز:


فوائد رياضية:


مصدر للنور:


لمحبي الكتب:


[المصدر: Samsung’s super-sized Galaxy Note changed my life.]

February 6, 2012

list of #MobilySpam companies قائمة الشركات الرسائل المزعجة عبر شبكة موبايلي

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هذه قائمة متجددة بصور لرسائل الشركات التي ترسل رسائل مزعجة عبر الجوال SMS و تستخدم شبكة موبايلي. في العادة يتم نشرها في تويتر مع التاق #MobilySpam.

This will be an updated list of SMS spammers using Mobily’s network. Usually they are tagged on Twitter with #MobilySpam.


جامعة الملك سعود


اشعار: شركة العلم



شارك رسائلك (مع صورة) في الردود!

Share your SMS with a screenshot in the comments!

January 17, 2012

10 Steps for Better Blogging

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I’m posting them here, partially so I have a place to quickly find them if I need to, partially to force me to hold to them, partially out of commitment to transparency, and partially in case they’re of interest or use to anyone else.

10 steps to better blogging.

Good steps that all bloggers should implement.

January 10, 2012

Useful Google Extensions

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From HyperText:

I’ve long been a huge fan of Chrome/Chromium and have been asked more than a few times for a list of the extensions I use, and so I thought I’d whip up a quick post to list and discuss them (where necessary). (The italicized text after the name of each extension is the copy provided by the respective developer.) Note that this list does not include the bookmarklets I use; I’ll discuss those in a separate post.

Though it probably is obvious, there likely is some overlap between certain of the “privacy” extensions, and I’m OK with that. Relatedly, I also whitelist cookies on Chrome (an awesome browser feature). Basically, this means that I have to give a site explicit permission before it can set cookies. It’s great, though not without its annoyances; for example, sometimes some snooping is required to get certain websites working. (It’d be nice if Chrome let us enable cookies for a particular site, and then automatically deleted those cookies as soon as the tab in which they were created was closed. If you’re aware of an extension that will do this, please let me know.)

  • Send to Kindle Push web articles to your Kindle. I use this extension a lot; if, for whatever reason, it fails, I fall back on Instapaper’s “Send to Kindle” bookmarklet (which, I’m guessing, most people don’t even know about).
  • Instachrome Save your URLs to Instapaper. I use this instead of the bookmarklet(s) because it automatically closes the tab after the link has been saved, something I’ve written about (and “fixed”) before. I hope that future versions allow us to target specific folders.
  • Posthoc Adds pages to the Read it Later online service. This is a must-have for me because I use both Instapaper and Read It Later, and like Instachrome, this too closes the tab after the link is saved.
  • Tabs Counter A visual candy — always know the number of opened tabs. This is the kind of stat I love knowing at all times. I kind of wish it would display the tab count for the current window and the combined tab count for all of the open windows; currently, it shows the tab count of just the current window.
  • AdBlock The most popular Chrome extension, with over 2 million users! Blocks ads all over the web.
  • Chrome Cookies Button Provides quick icon access to manage your Chrome cookies.
  • Chromeblock Stop secret tracking of your web browsing. (UPDATE: This extension is no longer available for download; I’m not sure why.)
  • 1Password Beta Password and identity manager for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android.
  • Disconnect Stop third parties and search engines from tracking the webpages you go to and searches you do.
  • Ghostery Protect your privacy. See who’s tracking your web browsing with Ghostery.
  • YSlow Make your pages faster with Yahoo!’s page performance tool.
  • Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on Tells the Google Analytics JavaScript (ga.js) not to send information to Google Analytics.
  • Page One — Banish Multipage Articles Always display the single-page version of articles at popular news sites.
  • SelectOut Tracking Opt-Out Be in control of who tracks you online.
  • Sheepish Protect your privacy. See who’s tracking you. Are you sheepish? (UPDATE: This extension is no longer available for download.)

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January 9, 2012

Build your own Time Capsule with Debian, Netatalk

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Maybe I can make a small home backup server with these steps.

Build your own Time Capsule with Debian, Netatalk:


Attribution on the web

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File this under: Good to know.

Attribution on the web:

My Internet Friend Stephen Hackett recently wrote about attribution on the web. Specifically, citing a story’s source and “via” link, or method by which you became aware of the story. He and I pretty much have the same policy.

First, an explanation. The source in this case is just that: a story’s origin. For example, in this post I published earlier today about 3 billion iPad app downloads, the source is ABI’s report.

The reference, or “via,” identifies the outlet that first made me aware of the story. In this case, it was The Loop. As a result, The Loop gets a “via” link at the foot of the post. 1

Of course, it isn’t always that cut and dry. Let’s say that Jim had a “Via SiteX” on his post. I’d visit that link and look around. If there’s no additional link, I’ll consider SiteX the referential site and give it the via on my site, too.

Sometimes I’ll find a story on my own. For example, this article comparing Steve Jobs and Charles Eames. I found Om Malik’s article on my own this morning, so there’s no via link.

Other times a story will be so big that everyone and their brother is posting about it. In that case, I avoid a via link all together because, like I said, everyone has it. For example, this post about the pending international launch of the iPhone 4S. Apple issued a press release, everyone re-blogged it, so there’s no via necessary.

Like Stephen, if I find something on a big site like Engadget, CNN, etc. that everyone else will obviously see, there’s no via necessary.

Finally, regarding sources. They always get a link in the opening paragraph, and hopefully in the first sentence.

That’s my policy on using the via link. What’s yours?

  1. I always put via links at the foot of a post in brackets.

(Via 52 Tiger)

February 14, 2011

#SaudiValentine and overreactions

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I really don’t care about Valentine. But I find the reaction to it in Saudi Arabia is excessive, on both sides.

The color red is banned and apparently Baskin Robbin’s Love Potion 31 icecream is also banned. On the other hand you got the people who think Valentine a big deal.

These reactions are interesting and being posted on twitter with the tag #SaudiValentine, make sure to share your tweets there.

It will be just another day, just don’t wear your red shomag (head gear).

Found image via Rami Taibah’s Blog.

January 18, 2011

My Favorite Earbuds: Etymotic

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I’ve been using Sennheiser CX earbuds for 3 years, not the same one I think I broke about 8 of them. But thanks to a recommendation by Shawn King of Your Mac Life podcast I bought an Etymotic earbud and I’m impressed.

Here’s an interview with Etymotic’s CEO and founder, Dr Mead Killion:

The one I’m using is mc3 for weeks and I love it, as I said on twitter: bye bye Sennheiser.

But what I really want is a custom earbud which can be made at an audiologist. I wonder if any of them can be found in Saudi Arabia?

Here’s a video explaining custom fit earbuds:

What’s your favorite earbud? or are you a headphones person?

The mc3 can be found at Amazon.

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