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December 21, 2009

Dear Saudi Driver

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Notes from my friend, Waiel directed towards Saudi drivers. I personally agree with him:

1. The lane in the road is there to guide you though the road not to ZigZag between them. 2. Again the lanes in the road is to organize the way we drive so don’t squeeze yourself between cars or drive in 2 lanes. 3. You’re suppose to stop at the traffic light before the traffic light itself not in front of everyone to be the first. 4. please note that YOU DON’T OWN THE ROAD !!! 5. Please stop looking at accidents by slowing down or stopping next to it you’re only making the situation worst for everyone. 6. Driving on the left lane doesn’t give you the right to over speed. 7. Signals in the cars are there for a reason so make use of them (the right way). 8. Yellow traffic light means slowdown, It doesn’t mean step-over the gas so you can pass it before it becomes red! 9. Streets should not be used as racing tracks.

I totally agree! “Waiel Rambles” all rights reserved, @waiel.

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