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May 28, 2010

Dunkin Donuts, Baskin Robins prepare for IPO in Saudi Arabia

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Sha-heiah “شهية” or “appetite” is a name of a Saudi company for food (ltd). I really wanted to link to the official website of Sha-heiah “شهية” but the only thing I found was this email: The link to the company’s site titled: “شركة شهية المحدودة للأطعمة” actually takes you Dunkin’ Donuts’ official website. Again with Saudi companies lacking presence on the Internet.

Anyway according to this, Sha-heiah “شهية” has announced that they are preparing for IPO. Wish they would use the money to turn all of their Dunkin’ Donuts to a non-hazardous, smoke free coffee shop. One can dream, can he not?

Interesting fact: If you check Gowalla there are over 30 Dunkin Donuts in Riyadh! Can you visit them all?

Image from Hoboken411.

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