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June 5, 2009

My Follow Friday List

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Update: The good news is twitter now support lists, so checkout my lists:

twitter-logo-small1This is my Twitter FollowFriday list. I will keep it updated and use it instead of using multiple tweets! You can follow me of course @khaled. Don’t know what’s FollowFriday? Read this.

Tweets about the Mac @macosken @TMOBryan @DaveHamilton @jgamet @maccast @mymac @saudimac @zsafwan @ihnatko @mnystedt @shufflegazine @victorcajiao @ukmac @theJoshMeister (Mac and Lost fan).

Tweets from Saudi Arabia @waiel @LatifahST @Orchidbuy (a guest blogger on Saudi TechView) @AgentWhiskers (fellow gamer and recent Mac convert) @Aiysha (another Mac convert, mwahaha) @saudi @saudiaspire @sauditech @saudimac @rtaibah @loyal_heart @solidd_swa @edwardarch @a_driaan @mohalfares @sharbeen @nalrajhi @yassoma @faisal_asif @CEnTR4L @yraffah @alkushi @HishMaj. @meeshubish. @Neeart.

Tweets from the Middle East @iEhab @3GFalcon @sadekhm @ahmedzainal. rebelliousgirl.

Tweets from around the world @tiwwh (#Lost and #Fringe podcaster) @ocicat_bengals @shaibanii @khanserai @myrnaslist @Riyadh @BoydJones @TheReal_Q @allen099 @Phatemokid @darthweef @GWCChuck @gwcaudra @acedtect @mollywood @tales @warki @vpeti @gobanane @JoeJoe2212 @Muttiishere.

Tweets from Azeroth, Outlands and beyond @WoWDawgs @outlandishcast @WoWDawgs @starmike @UncleThursday @medros @extralife.

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