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September 8, 2008

Don’t be fooled by the iPhone 3G sellers in Saudi Arabia

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I just got an SMS from a person (or probably a store) named T-Virus, it is from the game series “Resident Evil”. The message said the following (in Arabic, I translated):

Arabic iPhone 3G has arrived. 8GB 4599SR. 16GB 4999SR. T: 92000XXXX M: 055161XXXX

I have decided to omit the telephone numbers for 2 reasons: 1) I HATE SMS Spam 2) Those prices are exorbitant. The prices in US$ are $1226.4 and $1333 for the 8GB/16GB iPhone 3G models. I recommend that you don’t buy the iPhone 3G at those outrageous prices!

Edit: Apparently it is a local computer store called Reverse Technology EST. Yet somehow they got the domain which is, obviously, unrelated to the name. What is SaudiNIC doing? That domain goes against the regulations which states:

3-4 For registering any trademark or trade name a copy of the registration with the Ministry of Commerce in Saudi Arabia is needed.

The store’s name is Reverse Technology, not T-Virus or Technology Virus.

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