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October 29, 2008

Gaming PC Buyer’s guide

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The thing I enjoy most about computers is to actually build them! I would never buy a brand name desktop computer like Dell or HP. I rather buy the parts and construct the computer myself. The only problem is finding the right parts because only 1 or 2 stores in Riyadh sells the “high end” components such as DDR2/3 memory.

Maximum PC, my favorite PC magazine and website has updated their Pro Gaming PC Buyer’s guide. Although you can’t find most of these components in Saudi Arabia it will give you an idea on what to look for when buying new parts. You could try to buy using NewEgg and MyUS (to handle shipping).

As for where to find the high end components, I suggest first visiting the computer retailers in Olaya (Google Map link). Try a store called “Binaries”/”Softland”/”Technology Room”, those 3 stores are separate but they have the same management and essentially the same prices (don’t ask why, I am puzzled too) and they don’t even have a website! Another store that imports computer parts is called “Path” and is located in Akik/Aqiq (is that the correct spelling? who knows).

I will talk more about buying computer parts in Saudi Arabia very soon.

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