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May 19, 2006

Khaled’s picks of the moment!

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This is a new idea of mine, I will present some random picks which I hope you will enjoy!

Access your home PC with a thumb drive

The It’s Contagious blog has a tutorial for setting up remote access to your computer using open source program UltraVNC and a thumb drive.

Actually, the tutorial is very similar to our very own how to control you home computer from anywhere feature, but steps you through setting everything up with UltraVNC rather than TightVNC. Once you’ve setup the VNC server on your computer (and you’ve set up the proper port forwarding), you then place a portable VNC viewer on your thumb drive and you’re ready to access your home computer from any computer you can plug your USB drive into.

You Ess Bee []

Photography Tip: Understanding camera basics


The Photography Jam blog has posted a beginners tutorial covering several camera basics.

Although a lot of the territory covered is probably new to most novice photographers (shutter-speed, aperture, and ISO), it’s certainly not over anyone’s head. Understanding the basic mechanisms for how your camera works can make a huge difference in how your pictures turn out, and this tutorial looks to be a good place for a beginner to pick up on some of that knowledge. You may also want to check out our very own feature on taking great digital photos. Thanks Ben!

Camera basics: shutter-speed, aperture and ISO [PhotographyJam]

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