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July 7, 2009

Where is the Mobily iPhone 3GS?

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تابعونا في موقع سعودي ماك لأخبار الآيفون.

Apple announced and released the iPhone 3GS last June. Saudi Arabia and UAE won’t get the iPhone 3GS until August 2009.

My theory (conspiracy theory) is because Mark Davis, Program Director for iPhone at etisalat was not quiet about the next iPhone. He said (in February 2009) “And the next version of the device, which is due out in June, will be launched in the UAE at the same time.” The next version of the device was released in June but it was not launched in the UAE at the same time, probably because you couldn’t make a real deal with Apple!

Another thing that annoys me is this, the iPhone 3G sold by Mobily is officially unlocked by Apple yet Mobily employees claim that it is locked until now! Here’s a message from a friend “the next iPhone 3GS would be locked As per mobily marketing team”. Locked?? against CITC‘s regulations regarding locked devices? Mobily need to get a clue on what they are doing!

We are closely approaching the iPhone 3GS release month (Mobily hasn’t announced a date) and Mobily hasn’t mde any announcements or even decide to reduce the prices of the current iPhone 3G!

One more thing, a Mobily employee did show me his iPhone 3GS that the company gave some of it’s employees for testing purposes. But there is nothing to test really, the iPhone 3GS is fully functional under Mobily, tethering and MMS work fine. I think he was just showing off. He didn’t know anything about the exact release date or price.

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