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Plagiarism is Hilarious!

Published on April 2, 2010 by in General

Someone told me that once. I think it’s true.

I am sad to see that this original post by Youssef on March 31st pictured here:

Was copied (I decided not to put a link to the plagiarized article) in this post on April 2nd. I will just put a picture instead of linking:

I am sad for Arabic content. Really I am.

Both articles talked about Seton Hill University’s plan to give all students an Apple iPad.

small update: the second post was deleted as expected.

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  • http://purplevelvet09.wordpress.com/ PV

    LOL. This is super hilarious! They didn’t even change the color of the links? Not only is this plagiarism, it is plagiarism sponsored by the LAZY. At least have some decency to be creative and make it less obvious.

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  • Abdulla

    it does say source at the end of the article, where will that take you? if it is to the same original Article, then no harm done

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    Khaled A. Reply:

    copying and pasting then saying the source? that’s quoting then.

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