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March 20, 2010

Reckless Drifting videos

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Nothing is more annoying and dangerous than this “reckless drifting” (aka Tafheet تفحيط) craze in Saudi Arabia. As if bad driving wasn’t enough we add recklessness to the unstable mix.

Look at the following image: a BMW 745 parked sideways in the middle of King Abdullah road and most likely it was “drifting” recklessly. Notice the huge dent in the front.

I posted some videos I found that were taken in the same are of Riyadh: King Abdullah Road, in front of KSU entrance and near Raka’a Center (Here’s a Gowalla link)

This video is of a pickup truck (GM most likely) “drifting” continuously.

In this one a variety of cars doing the same drift in the same spot (if you went to the right a bit that’s where the BMW has stopped). I really hope Riyadh Traffic police has seen these videos and caught them.

Now a brand new Mercedes Benz S-Class in the night! Who gave him that car? I blame careless parents!

This is at the KSU roundabout. Road and road and road.

This guy was dumb enough to take a closeup of his license plate!

Lexus here:


Some more in Prince Turki road which is a major Riyadh road parallel to Takhasossi and Olaya.

Only in Saudi Arabia indeed. Riyadh Traffic is slow to react and they probably rather catch you speeding than catching these crazy people.

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