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February 1, 2011

Restaurant Sues Blogger in Kuwait, Could Set a Bad Precedent for the Middle East

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A blog from Kuwait, 248am is being sued by a Japanese restaurant named Benihana because of this review.

If the restaurant win this would set a bad precedent in the blogging world in Kuwait and possibly the rest of the Middle East. Will we see restaurants sue anyone who writes an unfavorable review on Qaym? (Qaym is an Arabic restaurant review site).

I do have one thing to say to benihana’s management:

Hmm, so when are you guys planning to open in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia? hmm?

Seriously though, stop this silliness, benihana and improve your restaurant.

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  • HishMaj

    The one in Jeddah is actually quite good. Do you know who the franchisee in KSA is?

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  • This is a very important development considering that we desperately need consumer feedback in this region. I have not read this blogger so I cannot attest to the quality of their feedback. But I am sure that there is plenty of unbiased consumer opinions all over the Arabic internet space – credible opinions actually improve quality of service for all of us and help us get real value for our money. On the other hand, we will definitely follow this one closely because of the implications it might have on many an entrepreneurial venture that has at it’s core a “social guide” of this nature. In fact, we are currently incubating such a mobile-internet venture – a Foursquare inspired service 100% for Arabic-speaking consumers. Let’s hope the outcome does not discourage entrepreneurs and innovation in this region – that is something that we also desperately need. In any case, this is a case that interests many a startup in our region (as well as individual and institutional investors) and therefore it is vital that thought leaders share it with and help explain the outcomes and implications to their readers. We ( will for sure.

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  • Insanely anti-consumer. Only business owners in the Middle East would pull this crap. They want to treat the consumer like crap get angry when you complain. This is why you get those “anonymous” comments when you’re critical of any local store in a blog post.

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