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February 27, 2009

Build the Perfect PC! Step by step guide

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I enjoy building my own PCs, it’s the only way to go in my opinion. Never buy a Dell/HP desktop when you can build one yourself. There is a joy in DIY (do it yourself). Hopefully this post will be helpful to you!

Maximum PC posted a feature on how to build the “Perfect PC”. I will link to the individual sections:

Next is the best part, actually building the computer. The steps are fairly basic and you mainly need a Philips screwdriver. Just follow these easy steps.

Then if you really, really, really want to, you can overclock your machine to increase the performance. Here’s what you need to know about overclocking. And for each CPU: Core 2 overclocking, Core i7 overclocking and AMD overclocking.

How to buy the hardware? Most of it can be (hopefully) found in the local computer stores. In Riyadh you can find them at the “Computer Haraj” in Olaya. Softland carries most of these hardware since they import them directly to Saudi Arabia. But they are not cheap. The other solution is ordering it online and ship it using Aramex (Crapamex) or myus.

January 15, 2009

AMD Phenom II

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Maximum PC have a review up for AMD’s latest offering, the Phenom II.

AMD is far more interested in how Phenom II does against a Core 2 Quad. The Phenom II actually outscored the Core 2 Quad in our MainConcept encoding test, our ProShow Producer slideshow creation test, and Quake 4, and it just about broke even in our WinRar file compression test.

Where to get the AMD Phenom II (and other AMD products) in Saudi Arabia? That is the problem. The Saudi market is dominated by Intel and finding a store that sells AMD is problematic. This press release claims that BDL is the distributor but nothing is on their website regarding AMD.

So you can either buy it online or buy from Softland, a well established (since the 90s) computer store that has no website. They are in the Olaya computer market in Riyadh.

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