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March 25, 2009

MacHeist 3 Bundle

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MacHeist is offering their third Mac software bundle. The bundle cost $39 and includes up to 12 applications currently valued at $558. The applications are:

  • Picturesque: image editor.
  • PhoneView: iPhone/iPod touch tool.
  • LittleSnapper: image organizer.
  • Acorn: photo editor.
  • Kinemac: 3D animator.
  • World of Goo: game.
  • iSale: eBay software.
  • SousChef: Cooking recipe organizer.
  • Big Bang Board Games: for the first 25,000 buyers.
  • WireTap Studio: audio recorder, to be unlocked.
  • BoinxTV: video recorder, to be unlocked.
  • The Hit List: Getting Things Done (GTD) application, to be unlocked.
  • Espresso: web development tool, to be unlocked.

Event Box is free for all visitors as well. 25% of every sale go to charity. (Via SaudiMac).

March 23, 2009

Remember this when buying an iPhone 3G from Mobily

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Mobily’s method of billing is always billed each month. No matter how late in the month you start your contract. For example they billed the 6 days between 22nd and 28th of February 2008 as a full month.

So remember to buy the iPhone 3G in Saudi Arabia from Mobily at the beginning of the month, the first 5 days if you ask me.

March 18, 2009

Finally, Arabic on the iPhone!

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Finally Apple added Arabic language support the their latest iPhone OS 3.0. This update is currently available as a beta for iPhone developers. The iPhone is now available in 4 Arabic speaking countries: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan and Egypt. And it will be available in Qatar soon. (via SaudiMac).

March 6, 2009

New Mac Pro, iMac and Mac Mini

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Last tuesday Apple updated their Mac Pro, iMac and Mac mini machines. Although I really hoped for a price drop for the Mac mini but it’s a due update. The Mac mini hasn’t been updated since August 2007. I expect and hope the iMac and Mac mini to arrive to Apple resellers in Saudi Arabia very soon.


March 3, 2009

What you need to know about the iPhone 3G in Saudi Arabia

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The iPhone 3G is finally in Saudi Arabia and is provided by Mobily. Here’s what you need to know:

The Bundles

Mobily first announced these 4 bundles and two of those “prepaid” plans did not make any sense! A few days later they provided 6 more “postpaid” bundles. However they omitted one small requirement for these bundles is that you need to be a Mobily VIP customer!


The Employees

The Mobily employees were clueless on the first day and clueless now! One of them even said, in response to the VIP bundles: “نحن لا نريد أن يحصل كل من هب و دب على آيفون” which means “we do not want just anyone to have an iPhone!”. There are even weirder Mobily stories on the first few days where some of the employees claim that the iPhone 3G in Saudi Arabia is LOCKED to the Mobily SIM card.

Locked Device?

The Saudi Arabia iPhone 3G was tested with different SIM cards and it is unlocked! It is confirmed by Apple so when a Mobily employee claims that the iPhone 3G is locked then they are lying and you should ask for his manager.

Arabic Support

Mobily claims an Arabic update from Apple is coming “soon”. They claim 3 months which is TOO LONG! You can jailbreak and buy iPhoneislam’s Arabtaller.

February 22, 2009

iPhone 3G in Saudi Arabia

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So I said I will probably not buy the iPhone 3G from Mobily but I went today to check it out. After thinking about it I decided to buy the iPhone 3G 8GB with a prepaid 1 year plan. It cost 2255SR and 99SR monthly prepaid. My reasons are:

  1. I transferred my number to Mobily, by doing so I am able to use that number with the Mobily iPhone plan without getting a new phone number.
  2. Supporting authorized devices. Now we have an actual alternative to gray market iPhones.
  3. The iPhone 3G is sold unlocked! You can use any other company’s SIM card.
  4. An actual warranty. “Mashail AlKhaleej”, ex-Nokia dealer, claim they are an official dealer. Yet they sell Italian iPhones.
  5. Price is not as bad as you think. Compared to paying a lot more for an unsupported/non-guaranteed iPhone.

My advice is to either switch your current phone to Mobily and use that number with your iPhone 3G or just use your current phone and you can give the included Mobily number to a friend or family member. In any case I highly recommend buying the official “Saudi Arabia iPhone 3G” over other gray market alternatives.

February 21, 2009

Mobily’s unimpressive iPhone 3G prices in Saudi Arabia

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I am very disturbed by the leaked Mobily iPhone 3G pricing in Saudi Arabia. You pay $595 (2255SR) with a 1 year contract ($26 monthly) for the 8GB and you only get 199MB monthly data!

UAE’s Etisalat’s offers are more serious as they offer the iPhone 3G 8GB starting at 0 AED (with 1 year contract) and data plans between 500 and 2000MB!

I will wait for actual confirmation on these prices, but with these deals I have no interest in buying an iPhone 3G from Mobily!

February 12, 2009

Mobily accepting iPhone 3G reservations

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Now you reserve your iPhone 3G in Saudi Arabia from Mobily by filling the form located here. (via Shufflegazine).

Another thing to note. According to @thamood on twitter: Mobily assured him that they will release the iPhone 3G this Saturday!

February 2, 2009

Official iPhone 3G in Saudi Arabia and UAE

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Etisalat in UAE/Mobily in Saudi Arabia announced that they will release the iPhone 3G by the end of February 2008.

No news about Arabic support though.

October 16, 2008

Apple announces new notebooks

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Yesterday Apple updated many of it’s MacBook notebooks. Instead of posting about them here, I will link to what I posted on SaudiMac:

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