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September 14, 2008

Where do you spend your discretionary income?

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The New York Times have an interesting chart answering that question.

How people spend their discretionary income – the cash that goes to clothing, electronics, recreation, household goods, alcohol – depends a lot on where they live. People in Greece spend almost 13 times more money on clothing as they do on electronics. People living in Japan spend more on recreation than they do on clothing, electronics and household goods combined. Americans spend a lot of money on everything

The chart can be found here. Saudi Arabia spent a bit over $2 billion on electronics according to this. What’s frightening is the Alcohol and Tobacco numbers which is high considering that alcohol is not sold in Saudi Arabia.

December 16, 2005

Will “American Dad” Define the Saudis for Us?

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Media misrepresentation of Saudi Arabia is legend. A article by Chris Weikopf, who also writes for the Los Angeles Daily News, began: “Saudi bashing has become the new sport in Washington and with good reason.” What Wiekopf was really saying was that it’s not only OK to “bash” an entire nation/ethnic group but it is also “good.” Put any other country or group in the “Saudi” word space and the writer would be rightfully accused of racism.

Via Arab News.

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