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August 8, 2009

Mail forwarding to Saudi Arabia

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I’ve been using Aramex for a long time but I finally decided to switch to MyUS instead. Now I’ve been with them for over a year and they are a superior service when it comes to forwarding items to Saudi Arabia.

I’ve reviewed MyUS and their “personal shopper” service (excellent with sites such as newegg) on Saudi TechView. Feel free to check them out.

March 3, 2009

Buy tea online: Adagio and Tea Gschwendner

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Sometimes you will probably not find the tea that you want at any of the local “Tea Gschwendner” branches in Saudi Arabia. You might find the tea that you want but discover that it is much cheaper online!

I will talk about two online tea stores online, the first is Tea Gschwendner’s, they offer a wide selection of teas. Their prices on most items is almost the same as the Saudi Arabia branch. But sometimes you will find something that’s overpriced in Saudi Arabia ($60 compared to $30 online). You could make the order and ship it using myus or Aramex.

The other store is Adagio, they have a variety of teas as well. They can ship internationally or to your myus or aramex account.


Another good site that I recommend is Teaviews which is a dedicated tea review website! They have sections for Tea Gschwendner and Adagio. They also list many online stores that I will probably try soon.

July 3, 2008

Aramex raises their shop & ship prices for the 4th time

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I got an email from Aramex saying that they will increase their Aramex Shop & Ship service (its a mail forwarding service, you get a mailing address in the US and they ship to you) shipping rates. This is the 4th time that happened while I was a customer.

Their original prices were $15 for the first half kilogram (or 1 pound, they were never clear on what weight unit they use) and $5 for each additional half kilogram. Then they raised it to $6 after a few months notice. Then they raised it to $7 and then $7.50 without notifications at all. And finally 10 days before the end of June they emailed me telling me that they are raising the price once again to 35SR which is $9! And they only had a 10 day notification.

This happened just after Aramex changed their logo! A full waste of money. Aramex wasted their money on a new logo and they want us to pay for it. But in reality, the raising fuel price does affect it, but when the fuel prices get reduced. Will they reduce their shipping rates?

I am tied up with their system because I have many magazine subscriptions but I am making all my future orders from Access USA a superior service according to many people that I talked to that use that service. I will get some opinions regarding it and share it soon. For now avoid Aramex at all costs!

Everyone is complaining about it, in Kuwait, UAE and the rest of the middle east at this Arabic hardware forum and here as well.

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