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June 22, 2008

O’Reilly Computer Books in Saudi Arabia

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As a geek, I appreciate a good computer book, but the lack of computer books in Saudi Arabia is frustrating.

I can only blame it on the lack of interest. And what I never found here are books by O’reilly Media and searching online will only show results with the other “O’reilly”. You can still find computer books in Saudi Arabia although some are limited and old. Your choices are:

1.BST Electrical with a very bad site design. That store used to import all the computer books in Saudi Arabia (but no O’Reilly) but lately they switched activity to selling computer accessories.

2.Jarir Bookstore not just a bookstore. In fact, information about books on their site is missing!

3.Alshegrey Bookstore but the site is … for sale. Saudi companies are too young to use the Internet! Old reviews for that site.

4.Obeikan Bookshops but their site’s English section is still down though.

This will not do, the only alternative is buy your books online which is what I always do. Even with the high shipping rates the fact is that there are no other method. If you have an Aramex Shop & Ship account then you can easily buy books and have them shipped to you. Let’s help by “Spreading the knowledge of innovators”.

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