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August 29, 2008

What’s wrong with Sahara?

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Anyone else in Saudi Arabia noticed that on some websites you see an older version of the page, maybe a few days old? I noticed that with Sahara. Especially after the undersea cable cut that happened a few months ago. This is very frustrating as it caches RSS feeds, making the download of podcast episodes very frustrating.

Now I am trying to contact the Sahara support by emailing, since the phone support is useless, they say that they don’t cache, yet somehow I am looking at a cached page (and I used multiple computers and have no caching proxy). But the Sahara email is not even working now, someone forgot to increase the mailbox size! This is the auto response I got:

Your message has encountered delivery problems to the following recipient(s): (Was addressed to Delivery failed after 0 attempts within 0 minutes User’s mailbox quota exceeded or would be exceeded Final-Recipient: rfc822; Action: failed Status: 4.2.2 (Persistent transient failure – mailbox: mailbox full)

Do you have problems with web caching with your ISP? Feel free to reply.

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