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January 21, 2010

My favorite iPhone Apps

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I have made a list of my favorite iPhone Apps (some free, some aren’t). Make sure to check them out:

In English: My favorite iPhone apps in 2009.

And in Arabic: برامج الآيفون المفضلة لي في العام ٢٠٠٩.

March 27, 2009

Five free applications for CD/DVD ripping, burning, etc

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CD/DVD media are getting cheaper and cheaper. Why pay for an application (or pirate it) if you can simply acquire free and legal applications for your CD/DVDs. Maximum PC posted a list of their top freeware apps:

  • Handbrake – one of the best DVD movie rippers.
  • DVDFab HD – removed “copy protection” from DVD movies. We don’t recommend using it with commercial movies of course.
  • Free ISO Creator – you can guess what it can do. It creates ISO images that you can later burn or virtually mount.
  • ImgBurn – burns an ISO image to CD/DVD writer.
  • QuickPar – helps verify your files, one of the many ways to protect your data.

March 25, 2009

MacHeist 3 Bundle

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MacHeist is offering their third Mac software bundle. The bundle cost $39 and includes up to 12 applications currently valued at $558. The applications are:

  • Picturesque: image editor.
  • PhoneView: iPhone/iPod touch tool.
  • LittleSnapper: image organizer.
  • Acorn: photo editor.
  • Kinemac: 3D animator.
  • World of Goo: game.
  • iSale: eBay software.
  • SousChef: Cooking recipe organizer.
  • Big Bang Board Games: for the first 25,000 buyers.
  • WireTap Studio: audio recorder, to be unlocked.
  • BoinxTV: video recorder, to be unlocked.
  • The Hit List: Getting Things Done (GTD) application, to be unlocked.
  • Espresso: web development tool, to be unlocked.

Event Box is free for all visitors as well. 25% of every sale go to charity. (Via SaudiMac).

October 4, 2008

Microsoft extends Windows XP downgrade option 6 months

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It’s no surprise that I prefer Windows XP over Windows Vista (even on my high end quad core machine). Microsoft is feeling the pressure and gives OEM partners (Dell, etc) six more months to offer Windows XP downgrade options to their Windows Vista machines! That option was available until the 31st January 2009 now they extended it to the 31st of July 2009.

It’s been a while since I bought a Windows based machine, I either buy a Mac or built it myself. But I noticed that most if not all the computers sold in Saudi Arabia come with Windows Vista and as far as I know they offer no Windows XP downgrade options. And you can’t buy Windows XP and install it on those computers because no Windows XP drivers were included with those computers!

If you know of any of the dealers who are offering Windows XP downgrade options then please share them with us in the comments section!

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