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January 16, 2010

Top Arabic Web Apps for ’09

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Make sure to check this list of Arabic web sites, I mean apps, strange, in Arabic it’s مواقع = websites but it’s web apps = تطبيقات الويب. Enough nitpicking. Here’s the list of Arabic Web Apps:

  • Mashahd TV OnDemand network. A good example that proves you don’t need to add YOUTUBE/TUBE in your site’s name.
  • Qabas min Hikmah (to quote from wisdom). A database of wise quotes.
  • WA9.LA (link). iTiny. URL shortening services.
  • Gwasah (submarine, gather your friends and sail in the submarine). Allows you and your friends to have private discussions.
  • Kanashah. Online notes web app.
  • Auto Survey. Arabic survey tool.
  • Zahma o La (is it crowded or not). Monitor King Fahad bridge (between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain) activity.
  • Mo3jam (dictionary). A dictionary of colloquial Arabic terms.
  • Kammelna (Complete us, a Belote term). Online Belote card game. Belote is a popular in Saudi Arabia.
  • Arabic Keyboard. Because you can’t find an Arabic keyboard everywhere you go.
  • Bedkash. Classified ads.
  • iconty (My Icon). Arabic icon search engine. For designers.
  • Uzerat (Users). The BugMeNot for Arabic websites. Find logins for sites that demand your registration.
  • Hide 2 Me. Share multiple links in a single short link.
  • Read Now. A stumbleupon for Arabic reading content.

Voting will begin next Friday.

October 17, 2009

Riyadh Region Traffic website suspended

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Riyadh Region Traffic – the Offecial web site (yes, Offecial, not Official) has been suspended! This is nice, a government site contracted to an inefficient web provider (in this case it’s Sites4Arab – copyright 2002!).

The error message is “This account has been suspended. Either the domain has been overused, or the reseller ran out of resources.“. Ironic to see Traffic police being suspended, ha ha.

Apparently the nserver was now changed from to Nournet‘s website is also comforting copyright 2006! We seriously need better local web hosting providers!

August 18, 2009

Stuff Saudi People Like…

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I like this site, it is attempting to list stuff that the average Saudi person would like.

Many items on this list I do notice that a lot of Saudis like them but I don’t. For example Balot playing cards, Shishah/Shesha, obsessive online chatting, reckless car drifting (taf-heet), huge bug-eyed shades, Pepsi obsession and smoking cigarettes.

July 22, 2009

Techmology launched

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Essam and Aiysha has launched a new site called , Techmology. They promise “modern Saudi society with a dash of tech news”. ha ha, ahm. Keep an eye on that site though and best of luck!

May 21, 2009

The effing weather

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Warning! Strong language! This is the best way to check the weather, with F-bombs. As expected, Riyadh is always %^#@ING HOT. It’s just a funny website. Hope you have a good laugh. (Via Daring Fireball).

May 14, 2009

Twitter in a Saudi newspaper

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Twitter was mentioned in Wednesday’s issue of Alwatan newspaper in Saudi Arabia. The title was “Twitter and how it changes our life”.

It’s an interesting read for anyone who is not familiar with Twitter, please ignore some of the idiotic comments though.

January 31, 2009

Google introduces Offline Gmail

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Google introduced “Offline Gmail” which allows you to access all of your Gmail content without connecting to the Internet. To enable it go to “Settings” then “Labs” then choose “Enable” in the “Offline” section. You need to install Google Gears which can be installed on most operating systems and web browsers.

Read more about it: 10 Good Things About Offline Gmail.

November 9, 2008

Riyadh City Website Updated

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The High Commission of The Development of ArRiyadh has updated the “Riyadh City Website”. You can visit the Arabic and English homepages.

The website includes events and a directory of businesses in Riyadh. You can add their RSS feed to your newsreader application: main English feed and main Arabic feed.

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