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May 17, 2010

Video: Street Terror – with English translation

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Ala’a Al-Maktoum made the following video titled “إرهاب الشوارع” or “Street Terror” to raise driving safety awareness in Saudi Arabia.

Video is in Arabic:

Or watch it directly on YouTube and is available in 720p.

General translation to English:

Thousands die in Saudi Arabia every year because of Terror. We’re talking about a different kind of Terror. Street Terror. Why “Terror”? Because it’s more dangerous than we think. In 2009: 4,644 died in Iraq because of terror attacks but 6,485 died because of car accidents in Saudi Arabia 6,485: that’s more than casualties of the Arab-Israel war ( 4,000 ) In one year! So 17 deaths daily. A death each 40 minutes. Sign said “Lives” We’re talking about lives. In 2001, 4100 died because of car accidents Word on chart “deaths” Unfortunatly this number is increasing annually. It’s expected to reach over 9604 in 2019. “Why?” Why is it getting worse while countries like the UK managed to plan and reduce the number of car accident deaths Denmark reached their planned goals 6 years early Can you guess the number of deaths by car accidents in the last 20 years? Consider this: Events of Black September (1970): 20,000 deaths western sahara war: 15,000 India-Pakistan war: 13,000 Gulf War: 5,200 War of Attrition: 13,000 Six-Day War: 16,000 Total: 82,000 which is less than 86,000 (car accident deaths in Saudi Arabia) Injuries: 611,000 From over 4 million accidents. Sign said “War” We’re talking about a War. Percentage of deaths from each 100,000 in the following chart. We didn’t get the first place in the Olympics, looks like we got the Gold metal. Saudi Arabia has the highest car accident death rate in the world. How much is economic damages each year? 13,000 ? 13,000,000? No. 13,000,000,000 SR. Every year! Number is expected to reach 19 billion SR in 2014. In 2019: 23 billion SR. Can you believe that? As for injuries. In 2009: over 48,156 injured In 2014 it’s expected to reach over 57,000. In 2019 over 68,000. A lot of the expenses are on medical care for the victims. And is one of the causes of hospital bed shortages. Because out of every 100 beds, 30 are used for car accident victims. This is expected because there is an injury or handicap every 15 minutes. And a car accident every 2 minutes. Sign said “Costs” We’re talking about the Costs. And the solution? The solution is that we need a national project, the government and the people must work together to find a solution. To protect our image, money and most important: the lives. We need to raise awareness. To be aware of the problem the need to fix it and the tools to do that. Now text: The most violent and highest cause of death accidents happen in areas with the high speed limit is around 60-70kmph and not on highways. Most accidents happen inside cities (%72) Driving over speed limit is the cause of %65 of accidents

If you are interested: The video took 37 days to complete and the following applications were used: Autodesk 3ds Max 2009 – Adobe Illustrator CS4 – Adobe Photoshop CS4 – Adobe Premiere CS4 – Adobe After Effects CS4.

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