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March 3, 2009

What you need to know about the iPhone 3G in Saudi Arabia

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The iPhone 3G is finally in Saudi Arabia and is provided by Mobily. Here’s what you need to know:

The Bundles

Mobily first announced these 4 bundles and two of those “prepaid” plans did not make any sense! A few days later they provided 6 more “postpaid” bundles. However they omitted one small requirement for these bundles is that you need to be a Mobily VIP customer!


The Employees

The Mobily employees were clueless on the first day and clueless now! One of them even said, in response to the VIP bundles: “نحن لا نريد أن يحصل كل من هب و دب على آيفون” which means “we do not want just anyone to have an iPhone!”. There are even weirder Mobily stories on the first few days where some of the employees claim that the iPhone 3G in Saudi Arabia is LOCKED to the Mobily SIM card.

Locked Device?

The Saudi Arabia iPhone 3G was tested with different SIM cards and it is unlocked! It is confirmed by Apple so when a Mobily employee claims that the iPhone 3G is locked then they are lying and you should ask for his manager.

Arabic Support

Mobily claims an Arabic update from Apple is coming “soon”. They claim 3 months which is TOO LONG! You can jailbreak and buy iPhoneislam’s Arabtaller.

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