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December 14, 2007

Bricked my N95 after an update. Nokia says “You got water in it!”

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So sorry for the lack of updates! Just thought I’d post my issues with Nokia’s N95 which is now an expensive brick :(. This is the email I sent to Nokia:

I’ve been using Nokia phones since 1997, Nokia 7110, 8310, 6210, etc. Only using Nokia and recommending it to my friends and family. I bought a Nokia N95 late April 2007 and I made sure to bought a “mashail alkhaleej” warranty phone, because they claim they are the only official Nokia distributor in Saudi Arabia. Last month I wanted to update my N95 firmware to v13, I already did a previous update so I am fully aware of the process. I did my backup and ran the update, at the final steps, the one that said “Remove the battery of the phone to restart it”, I did so but when I tried to restart it all I got was a black screen. Essentially bricking my N95. I took my phone to the so-called official distributor to have a look at it, after a week at the maintenance shop of “mashail alkhaleej” they notified me that the phone had “water” inside and refused to repair my phone at all. My phone was working perfectly before doing the update, and the “engineer” at the Nokia distributor claims I dropped it in water, which I did not. Now I am stuck with a brick that costed me 3000SR and no way to recover my backup from the flash memory card. I demand my phone to be repair or replaced under it’s warranty. The warranty that made me make my buying choice. The money that I paid for the phone was a complete waste and I should have bought a cheaper phone from a better distributor (Sony Ericsson, Apple, Samsung, LG, Siemens, Motorlla).

I expect Nokia will give me a better response than the crappy Mashail AlKaleej, the so-called Nokia official distributor in Saudi Arabia. I will never buy a Nokia again. (All salute the iPhone 😉 )

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