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June 3, 2009

Germans try the Saudi Street Skate updated with English translation

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Updated with English translation! Do you remember the Saudi street skating video? Here it is to remind you:

It’s a video with a few Saudi kids hanging out from the doors of their car in a highway, making it look like they are “skating” at over 100kmph. A Germany show called Galileo which is apparently a German “mythbusters” tried to check if it’s true or fake.

Special thanks to Mark from Germany for translating! Read on for the video and translation:

They used different shoes but they never tried the Saudi sandals also known as “Zobairiah”. Just please don’t try this … at home or anywhere!


People on the street comments: 1. Man in black suit: “I think this is true“ 2. Guy at the hairdresser: “I’m not quite sure, I would say 50:50” 3. Chinese guy: “It actually looks like it’s true” 4. Man with girlfriend: “I don’t think it’s true” 5. Girlfriend: “Well I can’t imagine it being true as well..” 6. Girl with candy: “I say it’s true” – Both friends of her agree

First Try: At 60 km/h Mathias tries to get out of the car. Even with heavy airstream he’s able to open the door. The inline skates get quite unsettled. Galileo says many passersby think the video is a trick. They believe the sandals in the video have small rolls which kids do often have under their shoes too.

Second Try: He says it’s quite hard to get on the shoes. Once he gets on the asphalt with the front of the shoe there’s a heavy resistance which brings him and the shoes out of control.

Conclusion: There’s no real conclusion at the end except the fact that they weren’t able to do the same kind of surfing with all those shoes.

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