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August 27, 2009

Hitler can’t get STC DSL (with English translation)

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Even Hilter is angry at the Saudi Telecom Company (STC) and their crappy DSL service! He could only get 512kbps DSL to his house. Watch the video (Arabic subtitles):

Youtube video removed, it was posted here.

I understand his frustration with STC!

If anyone wants an English transcript I am willing to translate. Just ask. Special thanks to @yassoma from twitter for posting the link to the video.

I have translated it, here you go:

STC has started moving ahead
and started a plan to provide DSL service to all households
their new offer is called “DSL max” with high speeds from 8 to 20 megabit
and electronic phone cabins are being installed here and here
Hilter: Okay, what’s the problem? Order this service for me ASAP
The truth is …
The truth is that we just called 907 (landline support)
Sir, your phone cabin can only handle 512 kilobits
Hilter: Anyone with a connection speed of 512 and lower should leave
How is a giant company with years of experience in telecommunications doing that?
Everyone out there is stuck with 512 or slower! Only YOU have a faster connection!
That means about 4 out of 20 can get “decent” Internet speed?
And STC says “Everyone can get high speed”? That’s BS!
And anyone stuck with non electronic cabins will die from this crappy net
SIR! You can subscribe to Jawalnet service
SIR! Something is better than nothing
Tell me how can I subscribe to this service if there is no 3G cell tower near me?
Mobile phone signal is weak in my own yard!
Everytime I call 902 (mobile support) they make me wait half an hour and hand up on me!
And when I call about the net they say to restart the modem!
that’s what STC always say!Is it a problem from the modem or from them?
and now my cabin can’t handle anything faster than 512? what will they do next? what do they want more than that?
They just suck your wallet DRY
now they just say “pay first then make an objection”
I applied for DSL in 2002
and I only got it 2 years ago, I had to know someone working there
for the last 2 years
I paid their fees, I suffered their disconnects, I said they will improve!
I got fooled into buying Jawalnet when it was released. when I wanted to cancel it they said “you can’t do that”
“use it for the rest of the month, pay the bill then cancel it”
even dial-up is better than their service
woman: don’t cry, we’ll switch to Mobily
my playstation 3 buddies stopped playing with me
they said “your ping is high and it’s slowing the game”
it’s all over
there’s nothing else I can do
but if they thought they have won then they should know that customers like me no longer trust them. and when there’s a chance we will switch to a new telecommunication company
God suffices for them (hasbi allah wa ni’am al wakeel)

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