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February 2, 2010

Lost Answers, funny song

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Only less than 12 hours remaining until the return of final season of Lost. I found this funny parody song about the return of Lost and if the writers will solve all the answers or not. I also found an updated version of the “Lost in 8:15 minutes” video.

Video and lyrics after the break.


When LOST first started there were all of these mysteries and we hoped it would, end well With one season left we are starting to lose faith but only time, will tell So we wrote this song for the creators of LOST to see That all these issues and plot points continue to be missing How can they solve them all? We’ll have to see if they can because we’ve all been waiting from the start to get ANSWERS Like what is the smoke monster ANSWERS What do the numbers mean ANSWERS LOST we’re counting on you What was that giant bird and where did it come from, did it really say, Hurley Whats the significance of pushing the hatch numbers every 108 minutes And why did the Dharma Initiative not automate that process And how in the name of physics did the Black Rock crash on the island The writers can’t solve them all Like who built the Lamp Post Station and why do they have to recreate the crash to get BACK THERE How’d Jack get Locke’s letter back ANSWERS Whats in the guitar case ANSWERS LOST we hope you’ll come through Why does the monster look like smoke to everyone but to Locke its a white light How does it manifest itself into dead people and project video of people’s past And why were they experimenting on Polar Bears in the first place And who built the giant wheel that controls time and space The writers will never solve them all Like where did Jacob come from hows he have magical powers that cause things to happen outside of the ISLAND Who’s the guy who had Jacob killed ANSWERS How’d he take over Locke’s body LOST You’re making it up as you go If so many met the castaways in the past why don’t they remember them, later When Jin survived how could he time travel when he was so far away from the island so the only way that would be possible is if Jin jumped off the ship and landed unconscious in the water then somehow managed to move downstream following the precise bearing of either 325 or 305 depending if you go by the number Michael was given by Ben or Lepidus was given by Faraday and end up close enough to the island to time jump with everyone else all in a matter of second which seems completely preposterous but they probably hope nobody realizes that it makes no sense and we’ll likely never get an answer There’s far too many questions to fit into just one song Listing every single thing will make this song far too long So here’s a few more to ponder on So you can continue to realize that LOST has too many questions that they’ll never ANSWER Why do Whidmore and Ben fight ANSWERS Why do people get healed While others are allowed to die Why did Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid crash in 1977 While Ben, Sun and the rest ended up in the present What is the Others origin Why doesn’t Richard Alpert get older Why can Miles speak to the dead Boy do we hope that there’s ANSWERS To all of these and more WILL THEY Answer them before THE SERIES Finally comes to an end LOST We’re so freaking confused!

Finally, here’s “Lost in 8:15 minutes” updated with seasons 1 to 5.

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