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October 6, 2009

New Mobily ad takes a shot at STC’s slowness

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Mobily attacks their biggest competitor, STC with their latest ad starring Saudi actor Youssef Al Jarrah “يوسف الجراح”. Here’s the ad (Arabic video) and and English translation:

Here’s the translation:

left: (talking to his new born child). right: congratulations, what will you name him? left: Nawaf (Neefo as a nickname) Oh yeah you reminded me (dials the phone) I will order Internet access for him. right: Internet for the newborn? left: It will be turn once he enters college. ad guy: with Broadband @ home get the Internet immediately from Mobily. left: God help them, “all our operators are currently busy”.

The ad takes a shot at STC’s slow support system and to be honest I had my shares of waiting for over 30 minutes for an STC operator. Mobily: Where’s my iPhone 3GS?

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