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March 27, 2009

Saudi Arabia 40th in Global IT Report

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Saudi Arabia’s rank in the Network Readiness Index has raised from 48th to 40th. The Networked Readiness Index (NRI) is reported annually by the World Economic Forum and it measures the propensity for countries to exploit the opportunities offered by information and communications technology.

Here are some interesting numbers about technology in Saudi Arabia:

  • Mobile telephone subscribers per 100 population, 2007: 114.7. More subscribers than people! Only in Saudi Arabia!
  • Internet users per 100 population, 2007: 25.1. %25 is still a low number. Sure it’s 2007 number, where are the 2008 numbers, STC/CITC?
  • Internet bandwidth (mB/s) per 10,000 population, 2006: 1.2. That’s low and depressing.
  • Ranked 110th on High-tech exports, 2006: No surprise there. Outdated too.
  • Ranked 4th on Total tax rate, 2007: We don’t have taxes.
  • Ranked 31st on Time required to start a business, 2008*: Okay, that is actually impressive.
  • Ranked 74th on Accessibility of digital content: Still new on digital content, slow Internet isn’t helping.
  • Ranked 109th on Number of procedures to enforce a contract, 2008: All that red tape.
  • Ranked 74th on Number of telephone lines, 2007.
  • Ranked 22nd on Mobile telephone subscribers, 2007*: high number of mobile phones, since most are not tied to contracts.
  • Ranked 73rd on Secure Internet servers, 2007*: So much for banks.
  • Ranked 85th on Quality of math and science education: It’s a shame, we need to improve our education system.
  • Ranked 70th on Quality of the educational system.
  • Ranked 71st on Internet access in schools: or even computers.
  • Lack of information on High-speed monthly broadband subscription! Thanks a lot STC, the ONLY land line broadband provider in Saudi Arabia!
  • Ranked 106th on Lowest cost of broadband, 2006: STC, stop being so greedy.
  • Ranked 36th on Cost of mobile telephone call, 2006*: At least mobile calls are cheap.
  • Ranked 3rd on Computer, comm., and other services imports, 2006*: Hardware companies should remember that.
  • Ranked 52nd on Personal computers, 2006.
  • Ranked 65th on Broadband Internet subscribers, 2007*.
  • Ranked 59th on Internet users, 2007*.
  • Ranked 75th on Internet bandwidth, 2006*.

And here is what they wrote about Saudi Arabia:

Thanks to progress made across the board,Saudi Arabia (40th) improves by eight positions with respect to its inaugural rank last year.While it places 45th or higher in seven other categories of the NRI,Saudi Arabia’s situation presents serious shortcomings in terms of individual readiness (79th),notably the quality of the educational system,especially for math and science (85th).As a result,individual usage still remains limited (53rd).

You can read the whole report at The Global Information Technology Report 2008-2009 website.

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