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February 14, 2008

Starbucks offer Free Wi-Fi in the US

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I would hope that local Starbucks would do the same, 12SR per hour for a crappy Internet connection (the Internet timer doesn’t work on non IE browsers, so if you used Firefox or, like me, a Mac, then you cannot logout to resume it later!).

There’s a slight catch to the free WiFi deal: you get two hours free, but only if you buy coffee with a Starbucks card. This doesn’t sound like a total scam to us, though: just put your coffee money on a gift card instead of handing it over directly. After the first two hours, you can get additional hours at a rate of $3.99 for two, and the unlimited monthly plan is $20. If you’re already an AT&T customer, you can log in and use the new Starbucks hotspots for free.

I don’t mind getting an hour or two of Wi-Fi access with my 19SR drink, I think I deserve it. Via DownloadSquad.

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