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December 17, 2007

STC and the big lie

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Well, STC has done it again, after announcing free internet access in the “news” they actually charge for it. Misleading advertisement if you ask me. This is reported by a friend of mine who is at Mina right now.

Before I travel to Makkah I stc announced that they are going to provide free internet in mina in hajj , and they are going to cover all mina With wireless network . When I came to mina trying to log in to the internet a page appear asking me to enter my username and password !! I read the service help link , and I realized that I have to pay 15 SR for every hour or 50 SR for every 5 hours !!! Why they announce that its going to be free then do the opposite !

All I have to say is, you fail STC! And don’t get me started on the “smart road” thing…

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