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September 12, 2009

STC issues 35,000SR bill by mistake (updated)

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STC continues to fail with their billing system, a good friend of mine now got an STC mobile phone bill for over 35,000SR and his account should be limited to a maximum of 400SR credit. So STC’s billing system over charged him and ignored their own credit restrictions!

Update: my friend called STC phone support (902) to raise an objection about the bill. They told him “pay first, then object later”!!!

Arab News talked about this issue with the STC billing system.

The inaccurate bill amounts have caused some phone lines to be disconnected because the system triggers a cutoff once a limit has been exceeded. Adding to the problem, customers who have had their lines disconnected are unable to reconnect them because they cannot access billing information.

This was supposed to be fixed by the end of August. Why isn’t STC working on fixing their services instead of entering an advertisement war with their competitor, Mobily.

What STC is doing what “PC” is doing in this “get a Mac” ad, enjoy the video:

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