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September 16, 2008

STC’s new, overhyped logo and ad madness

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Once again, STC comes up with a new, original, logo for their company… The logo was first used by an Indonesian partner that STC owns a majority of.

STC also updated their site to reflect on this new logo. I would link to the press release about this new logo, but the English news page at the STC site is not up to date, showing news from August. But it’s available on the Arabic site. With the new logo STC had probably the biggest advertisement campaign until now. Most likely to deal with the new third mobile carrier in Saudi Arabia, Zain. Those ads were on every major newspaper in Saudi Arabia and it was annoying. They modified the front page of those newspapers with the colors of the STC logo. Modifying the front page news’ text color, making it hard to read most of the time. Here are some examples:
Alriyadh newspaper sells out to STC Alwatan magazine with STC ad Hayatt Newspaper with STC ad Riadiah with STC ad Ashraq Alawsat with STC ad

Those ads were extremely annoying and made reading the newspapers uncomfortable. They should probably spend that money on improving their infrastructure. Their DSL service is probably one of the most expensive in the world and compared to what we get for it, very bad. It’s also worth mentioning that they will probably slash 3000 people off their workforce, or %15:

Al-Duweish said consolidation within the group was key to improving efficiency, and that he hoped to cut expenses by 15 percent. The group planned to cut 3,000 jobs out of its workforce of 21,000, or 14 percent, he said.

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