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March 3, 2010

Riyadh International Book Fair 2010, let’s try this again

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Apparently I was still used to 2009 I didn’t notice it on the old Riyadh Bookfair web site! They have finally update the page with a new design, tolerable design and actual content.

Riyadh Bookfair Schedule & location

It will be held at the new REC building (Gowalla location).

As for the schedule, the fair will be open from 10am to 10pm except Friday which opens at 4pm:

  • Wednesday 3/3/2010 For All
  • Thursday 4/3/2010 For All
  • Friday 5/3/2010 From 4pm to 10pm For Men
  • Saturday 6/3/2010 For All
  • Sunday For All but from 4pm to 10pm For Men
  • Monday For All
  • Tuesday For All but from 4pm to 10pm for Men
  • Wednesday For All
  • Thursday For All
  • Friday 12/3/2010 From 4pm to 10pm for Men

“For All” means “family” “men & woman”, ya know. And yes, no women only days.

Technical books?

There is no list of registered publishers online.

Issues with the website

Can I rant? I wanna rant!

I will visit it soon, I hope they have some good computer books.

March 1, 2010

Riyadh International (but not technical) Book Fair 2010

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Update: Forget everything mentioned here, the fair site was from last year’s. Making a new post about this year’s one.

Riyadh Book Fair always have a new domain every year, before it was but they LOST THE DOMAIN?! seriously? How hard it is to renew a domain name? It’s not hard!

The new domain is but the website is horrible and hard to navigate and.

Please, visit the English site and have a laugh.

What I find disappointing is the lack of technical publications, the only publication company listed (list is in Arabic only, nothing on English site) with a technical name is “ثري دي كمبيوتر سنتر ” no need to translate, it is pronounced “3D Computer Center”!

I was expecting more technical books so this is a major disappointment (yet again). The US publishers listed are “school zone publishing” (kids books) “INTERNATIONAL TRADE LINKS” (I couldn’t even find a website for them) and “مركز مصادر المعلومات” wait wha?

Riyadh Book Fair starts tomorrow, I could go if I have any time to waste … if you spot some tech books (computers mainly, but if you find something interesting please post a comment).

Here’s the Riyadh International Book Fair 2010 Schedule listed here (apparently only men with Afros are allowed, and no women only days):

  • Tuesday 6/3/1430 3/3/2009 Inauguration ceremony
  • Wed 7/3/1430 4/3/2009 for all
  • Thurs 8/3/1430 5/3/2009 for all
  • Fri. 9/3/1430 6/3/2009 from 16:00 to 22:00 fro men
  • Sat. 10/3/1430 7/3/2009 for all
  • Sun. 11/3/1430 8/3/2009 for all, From 16:00 to 22:00 fro men
  • Mon. 12/3/1430 9/3/2009 for all
  • Tues. 13/3/1430 10/3/2009 for all, from 16:00 to 22:00 fro men
  • Wed 14/3/1430 11/3/2009 for all
  • Thurs 15/3/1430 12/3/2009 for all
  • Fri 16/3/1430 13/3/2009 From 16:00 to 22:00 fro men

And here is the exhibition location on Gowalla: Riyadh Exhibitions Company.

June 22, 2008

O’Reilly Computer Books in Saudi Arabia

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As a geek, I appreciate a good computer book, but the lack of computer books in Saudi Arabia is frustrating.

I can only blame it on the lack of interest. And what I never found here are books by O’reilly Media and searching online will only show results with the other “O’reilly”. You can still find computer books in Saudi Arabia although some are limited and old. Your choices are:

1.BST Electrical with a very bad site design. That store used to import all the computer books in Saudi Arabia (but no O’Reilly) but lately they switched activity to selling computer accessories.

2.Jarir Bookstore not just a bookstore. In fact, information about books on their site is missing!

3.Alshegrey Bookstore but the site is … for sale. Saudi companies are too young to use the Internet! Old reviews for that site.

4.Obeikan Bookshops but their site’s English section is still down though.

This will not do, the only alternative is buy your books online which is what I always do. Even with the high shipping rates the fact is that there are no other method. If you have an Aramex Shop & Ship account then you can easily buy books and have them shipped to you. Let’s help by “Spreading the knowledge of innovators”.

December 24, 2005

Ordering books online after a long time

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Its been a while since I last bought some books, and the local bookstores with decent computer books (mainly Jarir and KSB) have nothing interesting, so I bought the following books, I will try to review them once I get them.

Amazon International shipping will cost me $95, but with Aramex Shop’n’Ship service, estimate of $85, saved some money there , still not enough, though.

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