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August 3, 2010

Just like that, Blackberry services banned in Saudi Arabia by CITC

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So it wasn’t just the “Blackberry Messenger” that will be banned in Saudi Arabia. According to this the CITC has expressed concerns about the BIS for a year and asked the local carriers (STC, Mobily and Zain) to “look into” the concerns and provide an alternative for 3 months! The three months end next Friday August 6th.

Someone pulled the switch and f***ed it up for everyone.

No, not Conan.

There are almost 1 million blackberry user in Saudi Arabia and they only got one official statement about the ban less than 3 days. So 3 day notice? This is unacceptable! The CITC should have issued a longer warning period like the UAE TRA who announced the ban 2 months in advance!

The carriers, STC, Mobily and Zain did not warn their customers in the last 3 months as well. Both are at fault, CITC and the carriers.

And what will the customers do now? a 3 day notice is not acceptable especially for what is considered a business device. UAE Etisalat will offer free phones to Blackberry customers including iPhones!

Lastly, STC PR denied the ban 2 days ago which is obviously a lie. I never believed STC’s stupid lies anyway.

Sorry I am rambling but this idiocy is frustrating.

August 1, 2010

Blackberry Messenger is banned in Saudi Arabia (STC Confirms)

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Looks like the CITC/MCIT has decided to ban the Blackberry messenger, the only feature used by a lot of people in Saudi Arabia.

Here’s the piece on Reuters: Saudi telcos ordered to freeze Blackberry Messenger and Saudi Telecom confirms Blackberry Messenger ban-TV. There you go, STC confirmed it as well.

Saudi media fails again in covering it, AlRiyadh newspaper said that the blackberry is made by the “Blackberry Company from Canada” (شركة بلاك بيري الكندية) while we all know it’s RIM.

By the way, I think CITC and MCIT need a new website, the design is awful.

March 23, 2009

Internet disconnected in Riyadh, CITC last to know

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A malfunction in one of the servers in the main STC Olaya switch box in Riyadh caused a large amount of disconnections (35-45% of the subscribers in Riyadh). The malfunction happened Saturday 21st of March 2009.

Alriyadh newspaper reported that STC was working on fixing it since Saturday. They also contacted the spokesperson for CITC (Communications and Information Technology Commission), Sultan Almalik and he said that he have no information about the malfunction!

From Alriyadh newspaper (Arabic link).

February 7, 2009

IPv6 Development in Saudi Arabia workshop

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This workshop will be held on Sunday 8 February 2009 from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm at the Sheraton Hotel, Riyadh. More info:list of speakers, registration form, workshop agenda.

The IPv6 Task Force Forum came as the outcome of the IPv6 Project that was introduced by the Communications and Information Technology Commission as part of the Internet Services Development Projects undertaken by the CITC. The Commission sponsored the establishment of the Task Force that convened its first meeting on July 30, 2008.


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