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May 10, 2010

More plagiarism from the Saudi mainstream media

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It never ends, does it?

The following photo of Mohammed Abed Al-Jabri (Ar: محمد عابد الجابري‎), who died recently, was taken in 2009 by Fahd Alhazmi (فهد الحازمي).

The photo was taken during Riyadh Book Fair 2009 and posted here. Interesting note about the original photo, Mohammed’s eyes were closed and Fahd has edited the photo slightly.

Now it appeared in the following Saudi newspapers/news sites.

On Asharq Alawsat as well as their web site:

On Alarabiya’s news site:

AlRiyadh newspaper’s website:

Elaph news site:

A Moroccan newspaper did it twice: here and here.

Islam Today as well:

More details (in Arabic) at Fahd’s site.

April 2, 2010

Plagiarism is Hilarious!

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Someone told me that once. I think it’s true.

I am sad to see that this original post by Youssef on March 31st pictured here:

Was copied (I decided not to put a link to the plagiarized article) in this post on April 2nd. I will just put a picture instead of linking:

I am sad for Arabic content. Really I am.

Both articles talked about Seton Hill University’s plan to give all students an Apple iPad.

small update: the second post was deleted as expected.

August 12, 2009

Photograph theft by Sabq “online newspaper” – updated

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Update: Sabq has removed the photograph without adding any statements regarding the issue. They also censored all comments about the stolen photograph. From now on I will call Sabq (سبق) “Sarq” (سرق) as in “theft”.

In a news post ironically about theft, Sabq has included an image taken from Yousef Raffah without his permission.


Yousef Raffah is a photographer living in Jeddah and this is not the first time his photos were stolen. This is the original photograph:


Sabq is an electronic newspaper in Arabic. They should respect intellectual properties and credit the photographer instead of stealing it like that.

July 18, 2009

Why don’t we give credit where credit is due?

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Why do we (generally Arabs, mainly Saudis) always go out of our way to not give credit? Look at this funny cartoon:


As you can see between the two cars, this image is made and copyrighted by “Daniel Bozet”.

However in this example the author took the time to crop out the credits from the image. Notice the crop lines between the cars:


This image was used on SaudiMac by Yara and she did not remove the credit. Riyan-C uploaded the image on flickr and he credited it as well.

This is a serious issue in our Arab community and we need to understand the basics of intellectual property.

Update: The link was removed by the request of the author of that post, he commented that he found the image like that.

June 29, 2009

Flickr with Nokia Share Online 4.3

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I have a Nokia N79, a very basic Symbian S60 phone. One of the frustrating things that the Share Online app (an app that allows me to upload media to web services) only listed 2 services: Vox and Ikbis. Flickr (the biggest online photo service) was not available for a number of countries including Saudi Arabia.

The only method was to use a config file on Flickr’s site to manually install flickr support on Nokia Share Online. It worked until the latest Nokia update was released.

I updated my Nokia N79 to v20 firmware and with it the Share Online tool was updated to version 4. When I ran the Share Online app the flickr and Vox profiles I have added are gone! I tried to add them but the only service available was Ikbis and I can no longer add Vox! Flickr cfg file was unsuccessful. Many users on the nokia forums have the same issue (here, here and here ) they are from India and other countries that Nokia don’t care about.

Sure I could use pixelpipe or Shozu but this service is available in the phone already! If I insert a German SIM card then the phone will be able to add flickr so why is it limited? I have found a list of countries that “support flickr” on this page (check comment number 43).

Nokia needs to actually CARE about providing services to all it’s customers and Saudi Arabia is one of their biggest markets! My friend Maxer posted here “We need it open to Middle Eastern users” and you know what, Nokia? I just want to upload to Flickr using Share Online.

Is there a licensing deal between Nokia and Flickr about which countries to add? This is what Nokia told me:

However, kindly note that some services are not available in some countries such as Saudi Arabia and others. The access to those services was restricted, such restriction was deemed necessary due to the laws and social norms of these countries regarding web content. Access is blocked based on the IP ranges of these countries. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

I can access Flickr in Saudi Arabia just fine! So I contacted Flickr support, they couldn’t do anything except:

I have escalated your email to a senior representative in an effort to obtain the best answer. Please allow some time for a follow-up reply to your question.

This is discouraging me from becoming a Flickr Pro subscriber. It is unfortunate that Nokia is doing this to it’s customers. By the way if you are an iPhone user then I recommend a free app called “Flickit” for uploading to Flickr.

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