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February 15, 2012

مراجعة لجهاز سامسونج جالاكسي نوت

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هذه مراجعة رائع للجهاز الكبير Samsung Galaxy Note الجديد.

مميزات الجهاز عديدة و منها:

بديل للتلفاز:


فوائد رياضية:


مصدر للنور:


لمحبي الكتب:


[المصدر: Samsung’s super-sized Galaxy Note changed my life.]

January 16, 2011

Video: Girl Falls in Mall Fountain While Texting, Take Notice, Blackberry Addicts!

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Poor Girl. But seriously, Blackberry users, LOOK WHERE YOU’RE WALKING.

[Via DF.]

December 17, 2010

Saudi man arrested for carrying snakes on a plane, and 2 parrots and a squirrel

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A Saudi man was arrested in the UAE for carrying ****** snakes on a ****** plane! Hilarious! Thanks Ahmed Darweesh for the link!

Via The National:

Abu Dhabi // A passenger has been arrested at Abu Dhabi airport after spending more than eight hours with a bag of snakes on a plane.

The Saudi passenger was said to have been carrying four snakes, two parrots and a squirrel in his hand luggage.

He was caught at the first security checkpoint after arriving at Abu Dhabi International Airport on Etihad Airlines flight EY471 from Jakarta, which landed in the capital shortly before midnight on Thursday.

The animals were not licensed for international transport. They had no health certification, nor confirmation that they were not on any endangered list.

Abu Dhabi police officials expressed surprise that the passenger had cleared security at Jakarta with the animals.

Khamis al Marar, the acting director general of security affairs and ports in Abu Dhabi, stressed that carrying animals on board is strictly prohibited. In this case, other passengers’ safety was at risk, he said.

He added that licensed animals had to travel in specially designed boxes, which should be stored in the aircraft’s hold.

However, it is not the first time unauthorised reptiles have made their way into the passenger cabin of an Abu Dhabi-bound flight.

In August last year, a baby lizard caused panic on a flight from Cairo after it was found wandering along the aisle, having worked its way free of the bag in which it had been smuggled.

Some animal traffickers go even further. A man was arrested in February last year after flying from Dubai to Melbourne with two live pigeons stuffed inside his pants.

July 11, 2010

Stupid MS Office ad in Arabic

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Speaking of silly ads, just what is Microsoft Saudi Arabia thinking with this advertisement for Office 2010.

If you care about Arabic speakers why don’t you make ARABIC OFFICE FOR MAC ALREADY?

Originally posted by @Saudi.

June 13, 2010

Who cares about the World Cup? Watch this instead. Extremely funny short movie

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Are you familiar with the Captain Tsubasa (キャプテン翼, Kyaputen Tsubasa, Captain Majid) videogames on the Nintendo SNES? Here’s an awesome spoof titled “Q8 Striker” from Kuwait. Even if you don’t understand the text you should watch it now!

Let’s start:

Here’s part 2:

Big thanks to Shinryoma for sharing it.

June 12, 2010

Video: Coca Cola for families only

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The family-only madness now reaches bottled soda. Imagine “family size” coke bottles restricted to families, no singles allowed to buy it. Enjoy the video:

Video by Malik Nejer. Thanks keloud for twittering it.

In case you don’t know, “family only” locations are popular in Saudi Arabia.

March 11, 2010

YAYA! (funny videos)

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I have to say that this guy is brilliant. His name is Yehya (called YAYA by Jimmy Kimmel) and he’s from Egypt. He lives in LA and he meets a lot of celebrities.

Enjoy the videos, he is extremely funny.

One more note: extra thanks to Jimmy Kimmel Live page on Youtube for allowing visitors from Saudi Arabia to watch the videos. A few months ago visitors from Saudi Arabia face “This video contains content from Jimmy Kimmel Live . Who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds” message but now it’s available! Make sure to thank them on Twitter: JimmyKimmellive.


February 20, 2010

Youtube collection: Awesome and EXTREMELY Weird

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I found a lot of interesting videos on youtube and I thought I should share them here.

Let’s start with awesome! Sxip Shirey and Adam Matta perform Moon in her Belly. Sxip with a harmonica and Adam is a human beatbox:


December 4, 2009

Video: Saudi Numa Dance

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So a bunch of Saudi kids decided to make this video:

Nothing original here, just a copy of this “Asian Numa Numa dance” which is also based on this original “Numa Numa” video.

September 19, 2009

STC and Mobily ad wars (part 2)

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The ad war between the Saudi Telecom Company (STC) and Mobily continues. After STC’s response to Mobily. Mobily has aired the following ad on 9/9/2009. The Mobily employee warns against using inferior products shown by “their brothers”, meaning STC. In the end he said “beware of fake products”.

CITC is being quiet about it. But a few days later STC has edited their ad to remove the “fake device” and Mobily has stopped airing their ad mentioned in this post.

I found this interesting comic on Alriyadh newspaper:


The title is “ad wars” and the two women in this ad are dressed in the traditional logo colors of STC and Mobily. Guess the ad war is good for the consumer, no?

This is not the first ad war between the 2 companies. It happened before in 2006 and you can read about it on Arab News.

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