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October 6, 2008

Garmin nüvi devices from Darmoja

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If you are interested in buying a Garmin nüvi GPS device then I recommend that you don’t buy it from the Garmin dealer in Saudi Arabia, Darmoja (دار موجة). Their prices are outrageous!

I will give a few examples, Garmin nüvi 5000 cost over 3200SR ($854) from Darmoja. It cost only $485 (1819SR)! Almost all other Garmin nüvi devices sold here cost almost double their prices on Amazon!

I bought a Garmin nüvi 760 for 1425SR ($380) and it cost over 2500SR if I bought it here. They do come with Arabic language support and I would not worry about the Saudi Arabia Garmin maps, their 2008 Middle East map is the same as the older ones, but that’s a topic for another day.

You should do the same, buy it from Amazon and use myus or Aramex to ship it to Saudi Arabia. Do not support those outrageous prices!

August 5, 2008

Should we do Navteq’s work for them?

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After over a month after I emailed Navteq telling them that their maps are out of date (on Nokia phones and Garmin Nuvi GPS devices), they finally responded telling me about their “Navteq Map Reporter” service by visiting this site then browsing the Navteq map database and highlighting the errors in that map.

I would recommend that everyone in Saudi Arabia who uses a Navteq supported device (Nokia phones and Garmin mainly) to use that service. Hopefully this will push them into actually giving us a 2008 map that is from this year (unlike Garmin City Navigator 2008 Middle East map that have stores that were closed in 2004!).

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