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January 27, 2011

Jeddah Rain Videos and STC slowness

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Quick post, I can’t really post anything else thanks to the slow Internet speed.

First of all, it rained heavily in Jeddah yesterday January 26th. Unfortunately it was chaotic and thanks to twitter (tag #JeddahRain) people managed to help each other.

I have compiled a playlist on youtube that you can find here:

Today, Thursday, every STC Internet connection (DSL and 3G) is slow to a crawl! Mobily and others are fine apparently. Not sure what caused it but it’s most likely had something to do with JeddahRain.

January 23, 2010

Only in Saudi Arabia: No singles allowed in this hotel

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Something interesting from Mövenpick Al Nawras in the fine city of Jeddah. This sign has been found on the Internet:

Translation: Single men absolutely cannot rent a room, no exceptions allowed. Families can rent a room only with an original family card (دفتر العائلة) no photocopies allowed. These are instructions from the Saudi MOI.

Apparently someone misused the services of the Mövenpick resort, so everyone else have to pay the price ;). But they should exclude all single men, not just us Saudis. I am sure single expatriate men won’t have this problem because that sign is in Arabic only. Also Mövenpick Al Nawras should have mentioned this on their website as well just to be fair.

Guess I can’t go unless I get married or borrow my father’s family card ;). If you know the cause for that policy then please share it!

January 12, 2010

Tee Gschwendner branches in Saudi Arabia

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I talked about Tea Gschwendner (Tee Gschwendner) before. But I will take the time to list all the branches with Gowalla links in Saudi Arabia for easy reference.

One important note that Fahad reminded me on Twitter: ” اذا بغيتوا تشترون من تي جشفندر لاتاخذون كلام البائع كله اعرف وش تبي قبل :)واذا نويت تجرب جرب كميات قليلة”. If you wanted to buy from Tee Gschwendner do not believe whatever the salesman said, you should know what you want and if you want to try something just buy in small quantities (100g, 50g). Yes, I agree with Fahad completely.

Here’s the list:

Come on, Jeddah and Dhahran friends, use Gowalla and add these shopping centers to the map.

June 2, 2009

Comedy tour in Saudi Arabia with Ahmed Ahmed and Maz Jobrani

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There will be a standup comedy show in Riyadh and Jeddah in the next few days. The event will be starring Ahmed Ahmed and for the first time in Saudi Arabia, Maz Jobrani. Each ticket will cost 350SR. It will be on 3rd June 09 in Jeddah and 4th & 5th June 09 in Riyadh.


Find out more at the SmikeKSA website. Click through to see a video of Maz Jobrani’s standup comedy.


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