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February 6, 2012

list of #MobilySpam companies قائمة الشركات الرسائل المزعجة عبر شبكة موبايلي

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هذه قائمة متجددة بصور لرسائل الشركات التي ترسل رسائل مزعجة عبر الجوال SMS و تستخدم شبكة موبايلي. في العادة يتم نشرها في تويتر مع التاق #MobilySpam.

This will be an updated list of SMS spammers using Mobily’s network. Usually they are tagged on Twitter with #MobilySpam.


جامعة الملك سعود


اشعار: شركة العلم



شارك رسائلك (مع صورة) في الردود!

Share your SMS with a screenshot in the comments!

February 1, 2012

Limited Offer: #Mobily offering “unlimited” Connect for 175 SR

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I will never understand why Mobily is charging regular phone users 350SR for “unlimited” Internet access while “Connect” owners (Data only SIM card) get to pay half that? Unlimited is subject to “fair use” policy, you will only get 1GB daily at full speed then you get throttled. Just like that.

The 175SR/month is a *limited time* offer available from Jan 28th to Feb 27th. I should also clarify that the price will go back to 350SR most likely. However I’ll still pay 200SR for 5GB while Connect owners will pay 100SR only.

Mobily Logo

Here is Mobily’s Arabic press release:

خفضت شركة اتحاد اتصالات (موبايلي) من قيمة الاشتراك الشهري لباقات (الكنكت) المسبقة الدفع والمفوترة للمشتركين الجدد إلى النصف، وذلك في عرض خاص طرحته الشركة ابتداء من يوم السبت الماضي 28 يناير 2012م ويستمر حتى 27 فبراير من هذا الشهر.

وقالت “موبايلي” أن قيمة الاشتراك الشهري في باقة 5 جيجابايت قد انخفضت إلى 50 ريال فيما انخفضت قيمة الاشتراك الشهري في باقة الاستخدام اللامحدود إلى 175 ريال، فيما شمل العرض باقات (كنكت) لاب توب والتي توفر العديد من الخيارات للمشتركين للاتصال بشبكة الإنترنت ابتداء من سرعة 7.2 ميجابت بالثانية و 21.6 ميجابت بالثانية بالإضافة إلى سرعة 42 ميجابت بالثانية والتي تعمل على شبكة HSPA+ ذروة الجيل الثالث المطور.

وأشارت “موبايلي” إلى أنها أتاحت هذا العرض المميز في جميع فروعها المنتشرة في جميع مناطق المملكة، مما سهل على الراغبين في الاستفادة منه الحصول عليه، ومتابعة أعمالهم من خلال أحدث شبكة اتصالات في المنطقة.

وتعمد “موبايلي” بين وقت وآخر على إثراء حياة مشتركيها بالعروض المميزة على جميع الخدمات التي تقدمها، ومن ضمنها باقات (الكنكت)، مما أبقاهم على اتصال دائم بالانترنت من خلال أفضل الأسعار.

وتعد “موبايلي” اليوم رائدة النطاق العريض بشقيه الثابت والمتحرك في المنطقة، وعززت من ريادتها امتلاكها لأكبر بنية تحتية تحتوي على أحدث ما توصلت إليه التقنية في العالم، مما ضمن لها تقديم خدماتها بجودة واعتمادية عاليه، كما وضعت “موبايلي” اسمها على قائمة الشركات التي تمتلك أكبر شبكة للجيل الثالث المطور في المنطقة بتغطيتها 94% من مناطق المأهولة بالسكان، وقد حظيت بنية “موبايلي” التحتية المتطورة باهتمام الشركات العالمية التي رأت فيها نموذج يضيف لها قراءة واقعية لمستقبل قطاع الاتصالات.

I managed to find one spot in Riyadh where HSPA+ speed reached 9mbps. Anyone managed to find a location with speeds up to 42mbps?

March 21, 2011

Hopefully Good News for Gitex Saudi Arabia 2011

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When was the last time I talked about Gitex Saudi Arabia? Probably back when I posted that Gitex Riyadh isn’t recognized by GITEX.

So what’s special about this year’s Gitex Saudi Arabia? For starters it won’t be in April but on 16 – 19 May 2011, right after my birthday… It’s still an “all in one” event combining:

These 3 events will be held at the “new” Riyadh Expo Center (gowalla link). Let’s just hope it rains because the new building is well made and can handle a few rain drops.

Oh. Guess not. From the last day of Riyadh Book Fair.

Anyway back to the “good news”.

I got my hands on the floor plan for Gitex Saudi Arabia 2011 and I was shocked at what I found… or did not find. Here’s Gitex Riyadh 2010 floor plan:

Dominated by STC and Mobily, the biggest telecom companies in Saudi Arabia.

Now compare it to Gitex Saudi Arabia 2011 floor plan:

Just what is going on? Has STC and Mobily finally started to think that it’s better to spend money on improving infrastructure and services than marketing and wasting valuable floor space?!

I am actually looking forward to visit Gitex Riyadh this year!

November 10, 2010

Firmware Update for Novatel MiFi 2352

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I finally found it after months of frustration, I can say this: this addressed a lot of issues I had with my MiFi 3252.

Novatel doesn’t post the firmware on their website so I had to dig around and finally found MiFi 2352 Firmware version 5.26.2. I put a copy of the file right here: 20418796 MUU MIFI2352 NVTL GENERIC_Pkg. Just download the zip file, extract the executable, connect the MiFi to your computer via USB and run the exe file. Yes it’s Windows only but that’s why we have VMWare and Parallels Desktop.

Novatel MiFi 2352 Firmware Update [Saudi TechView].

August 8, 2010

Blackberry services is back

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That was fast. From Engadget:

It took two long years for India to (allegedly) tap BlackBerry traffic, but Saudi Arabia may not have to wait nearly as long; the Wall Street Journal reports that RIM has all but agreed to set up a local server in the country. While we’ve no details yet on what the deal entails, an unnamed Saudi telecom official said negotiations are already in the final stages. Sorry, RIM, but it looks like Saudi Arabia called your bluff. We imagine the company will deny any potential for government snooping in short order… and both Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates will start planning their own attempts to wrest away control. We’ll let you know where this house of cards falls.

August 3, 2010

Just like that, Blackberry services banned in Saudi Arabia by CITC

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So it wasn’t just the “Blackberry Messenger” that will be banned in Saudi Arabia. According to this the CITC has expressed concerns about the BIS for a year and asked the local carriers (STC, Mobily and Zain) to “look into” the concerns and provide an alternative for 3 months! The three months end next Friday August 6th.

Someone pulled the switch and f***ed it up for everyone.

No, not Conan.

There are almost 1 million blackberry user in Saudi Arabia and they only got one official statement about the ban less than 3 days. So 3 day notice? This is unacceptable! The CITC should have issued a longer warning period like the UAE TRA who announced the ban 2 months in advance!

The carriers, STC, Mobily and Zain did not warn their customers in the last 3 months as well. Both are at fault, CITC and the carriers.

And what will the customers do now? a 3 day notice is not acceptable especially for what is considered a business device. UAE Etisalat will offer free phones to Blackberry customers including iPhones!

Lastly, STC PR denied the ban 2 days ago which is obviously a lie. I never believed STC’s stupid lies anyway.

Sorry I am rambling but this idiocy is frustrating.

June 18, 2010

Mobily network is down again – Update: Fire in Mobily HQ caused it

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Update: according to AlArabiya a fire in Mobily’s headquarters caused the network to be down.

Started at about 4 pm Saudi time. Right now 3G data is not working in most parts of Riyadh.

We hope that Mobily fix this soon.

February 25, 2010

Horrible STC DSL and Mobily iPhone 3GS problems

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For over an hour I have been staring at my Linksys DSL modem status. The DSL connection is “Up”, Downstream is 8190 Kbps, Upstream is 486 Kbps and QoS is UBR which I assume is UBER which is supposed to be good (since I’m offline I can’t even go and check). Everything seems to be okay yet somehow the gateway interface is “DOWN” and has been down for almost 2 hours.

The fact that DSL connection up means that the signal should be good, yet somehow I cannot “dial in” the beloved STC Afaq DSL servers. That’s the only assumption I have: STC’s servers simply can’t handle the load and they should buy some servers already!

Why did I reboot the DSL modem in the first place? Because the Upstream was only 100Kbps and it made accessing the web slower. That’s it: I won’t reboot my modem even if the Upstream was 1Kbps. It’s not worth being offline for that.

Now we have Mobily: the iPhones in some parts of Riyadh are having problems connecting to Mobily’s cell towers. iPhones simply lose the cell network and stuck on “Searching”. So now I can’t even use the iPhone to connect to the Internet, leaving me offline for this night.

Update on Mobily: disabling 3G fixed it. Thanks Tom Merritt!

I will probably post this by the morning and hopefully Internet connection should be back.

Offline Update 1: Down for 3 hours.

January 11, 2010

STC & Mobily wrongfully claim to be the first HSPA+ carriers (Updated)

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Update: Last time I ramble uncaffeinated! fixed facts! Sorry Mobily.

Both the Saudi Telecommunications Company (STC) and Mobily has announced yesterday that they are the first to offer HSPA+ (Evolved HSPA with download speeds up to 56Mbit/s!!!). They announced the same thing in at least 2 different Saudi newspapers: AlRiyadh and Al-Eqtisadiah simultaneously!

Here are STC’s “news” articles: on AlRiyadh newspaper and Al-Eqtisadiah newspaper (Arabic links). The two articles are identical, in fact they are most likely a press release by STC. STC claims to be the first in the country, however…

Mobily had the same thing: on AlRiyadh newspaper and Al-Eqtisadiah newspaper. In addition, the news was also announced in Saudi Gazette English newspaper. The first part was identical to the Arabic press releases however it did include some info about the new Mobily Connect modem promotion. Mobily claimed to be the first in the region, makes no sense because…

STC was wrong!Both were wrong!

At least one telecommunications company had HSPA+ with 21Mbit/s available in the region. Zain Kuwait had HSPA+ since September 2009 (Kuwait News Agency link) and is called e-GO. Isn’t Kuwait party of the “region”? So why is Mobily claiming to be the first in the region when Zain Kuwait clearly had it first and who is bringing it first in Saudi Arabia? STC or Mobily? Both claim to be the first. Zain Kuwait actually released an HSPA+ device (Kuwait News Agency link). I found nothing about Zain Kuwait updating their network.

The Big Question

Two major Arabic speaking newspapers (AlRiyadh and Al-Eqtisadiah) published conflicting articles, each claiming to be the first. Why didn’t the newspapers verify the information first? How can the readers take them seriously?

Image source:

November 5, 2009

Mobily iPhone 3GS prices and release date

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Update: iPhone 3GS in Saudi Arabia on November 7th. If you did not receive an SMS from mobily then you might have a problem with your pre-order!

Mobily’s iPhone 3GS will be sold in Saudi Arabia this Saturday November 7th 2009. The prices are out for the iPhone 3GS 32GB and 16GB models as well as iPhone 3G 8GB and can be found on SaudiMac.

Only people who reserved an iPhone 3GS on mobily’s site will be able to buy it on the first day.

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