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March 25, 2009

Super fast computer with 24 Solid State Drives

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SSD stands Solid State Drives. Instead of physical components like a regular drive SSDs are basically big flash drives running as a normal hard drive. Samsung’s marketing team made this video.

They linked 24 SSD using a Raid array creating a very fast computer that can transfer data at 2 Gigabytes per second. That’s Giga Byte. In Gigabit it’s 16 gbps! It opens all Microsoft Office applications at 0.5 seconds and can start 53 programs in 18 seconds!

Via Gizmodo.

November 27, 2008

Intel X-25M Solid State Drive

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Intel released their first SSD (Solid State Drive) the X-25M. Maximum PC gave it 9/10 and a Kick Ass award.

After testing Intel’s entry-level SSD, we can understand why. The X-25M offers the fastest read speeds we’ve ever seen from a single SSD or hard drive.

Maximum PC review for the Intel X-25M and their roundup of solid state drives.

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