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March 20, 2010

Reckless Drifting videos

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Nothing is more annoying and dangerous than this “reckless drifting” (aka Tafheet تفحيط) craze in Saudi Arabia. As if bad driving wasn’t enough we add recklessness to the unstable mix.

Look at the following image: a BMW 745 parked sideways in the middle of King Abdullah road and most likely it was “drifting” recklessly. Notice the huge dent in the front.

I posted some videos I found that were taken in the same are of Riyadh: King Abdullah Road, in front of KSU entrance and near Raka’a Center (Here’s a Gowalla link)


March 17, 2010

I am on CNN!

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At least my ugly avatar (and SaudiMac) were on CNN International last Friday in a segment about the Apple iPad and the world wide interest in it. They showed a post on SaudiMac about the iPad pre-order start in Saudi time. So according to CNN I am an Apple Fanatic! Guess it’s official 😉

Here’s a link to the CNN video and here’s a mirror on Youtube.

A big thanks to SaudiMac English and Arabic editions. And hopefully this will push for Apple presence in Saudi Arabia.

March 11, 2010

YAYA! (funny videos)

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I have to say that this guy is brilliant. His name is Yehya (called YAYA by Jimmy Kimmel) and he’s from Egypt. He lives in LA and he meets a lot of celebrities.

Enjoy the videos, he is extremely funny.

One more note: extra thanks to Jimmy Kimmel Live page on Youtube for allowing visitors from Saudi Arabia to watch the videos. A few months ago visitors from Saudi Arabia face “This video contains content from Jimmy Kimmel Live . Who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds” message but now it’s available! Make sure to thank them on Twitter: JimmyKimmellive.


February 20, 2010

Youtube collection: Awesome and EXTREMELY Weird

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I found a lot of interesting videos on youtube and I thought I should share them here.

Let’s start with awesome! Sxip Shirey and Adam Matta perform Moon in her Belly. Sxip with a harmonica and Adam is a human beatbox:


February 2, 2010

Lost Answers, funny song

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Only less than 12 hours remaining until the return of final season of Lost. I found this funny parody song about the return of Lost and if the writers will solve all the answers or not. I also found an updated version of the “Lost in 8:15 minutes” video.

Video and lyrics after the break.


January 23, 2010

Lost plane crash scene done in 24 style

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For fellow fans of the hit TV show Lost: Flight 815 crash done in real time, 24 style. You get the plane scene, the hatch scene and the otherville scene. Enjoy (10 minutes video):

Lost’s final season (season 6) will air Tuesday February 2nd, a bit early this season. I will be downloading acquiring it of course on Wednesday.

December 4, 2009

Video: Saudi Numa Dance

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So a bunch of Saudi kids decided to make this video:

Nothing original here, just a copy of this “Asian Numa Numa dance” which is also based on this original “Numa Numa” video.

October 7, 2009

A new STC ad makes fun of Mobily’s slowness

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I see a pattern here. STC‘s newest ad makes fun of Mobily‘s Broadband @ home slow Internet speed.

The ad is a parody of a Mobily ad (which I will post once I find it) where a guy wears goggles to face the “speed” of the Internet connection by Mobily.

Quick translation: (preparing to download a file) Guy: “Are you ready?” Announcer: “Are you surprised by the truth?” (on screen: 4 hours to finish download) Announcer: “Your only solution is AFAQ DSL SHAMIL, fastest Internet in Saudi Arabia”.

October 6, 2009

New Mobily ad takes a shot at STC’s slowness

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Mobily attacks their biggest competitor, STC with their latest ad starring Saudi actor Youssef Al Jarrah “يوسف الجراح”. Here’s the ad (Arabic video) and and English translation:

Here’s the translation:

left: (talking to his new born child). right: congratulations, what will you name him? left: Nawaf (Neefo as a nickname) Oh yeah you reminded me (dials the phone) I will order Internet access for him. right: Internet for the newborn? left: It will be turn once he enters college. ad guy: with Broadband @ home get the Internet immediately from Mobily. left: God help them, “all our operators are currently busy”.

The ad takes a shot at STC’s slow support system and to be honest I had my shares of waiting for over 30 minutes for an STC operator. Mobily: Where’s my iPhone 3GS?

September 23, 2009

Saudi newspaper ignores Creative Commons

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Sabq is not the only “Saudi Online Newspaper” that steals content from content creators and never credits them.

Alweeam has ignored the Creative Commons: Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported mentioned here. The CC means that you are free to share under the condition that you should attribute the work.

They have embedded the following video (video take from Saudi Arabia’s National Day celebration in 2009) without any attribution.

Even Alarabiya news channel is doing it. Same video posted on their site (WMV video).

I shared a similar video last year here with attribution to it’s content owner of course.

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